watched: Trekkies, Saw III and the Libertines

Finally got to see the documentary Trekkies. Not being s Star Trek fan, I didn’t get the full appreciation that I should have. Hoever, I can truly appreciate having insane fandom for something and loving to gather with other people to talk about it. If I had that for everything I watched, I wouldn’t have this blog. I’m still waiting for Roswell conventions to happen.

Also watched The Libertines dvd. Basically an hour of drugged up, self-absorbed, unintelligable British punk. Not to sound cliche, but it was just what Rock and Roll should be.

And also Saw III. I hadn’t planned on seeing it, but I will say it was way better than the second one.  However, it truly bothers me that this stuff is played in movies nationwide and something that has a bit of sex or god forbid! gay sex will get an NC-17 and parents’ groups are up in arms. It’s like some sick people sat around and thought of the most gruesome ways to die and brainstormed “pull someone’s ribcage out” and “drown someone in pureed pig”. I would be more appalled for my kids to see this than say, Shortbus. And it was kind of disappointing for me to see Jigsaw and Amanda setting up the first game in the bathroom. I liked the mystery behind it originally.


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