Top Chef

I told you, I always hate the ends of these competition shows, they always disappoint. Marcel v. Ilan? Are they really the best? No. The producers just wanted maximum drama. Sam and Elia were really the best, but they would have been completely polite to each other, so that’s not good tv. I’m not losing sleep over it. Thanks to here I saw their myspace pages (oh muh god I’m 12). Sam Talbot likes Taking Back Sunday! And Jay-Z! And Snow Patrol! And MC Solaar! And the Streets! Marry me! Ilan’s page is fucking obnoxious. He likes to photoshop weird pics of Marcel. Uh, trying too hard. Marcel’s page is class all the way. And he’s from Long Island. Good lord.


One thought on “Top Chef

  1. Great, now I’m obsessed with their MySpaces. Soon I’ll be leaving cute comments on their page and putting them in my top friends. Thanks a lot, Robin.

    p.s. I didn’t watch the show and now I am pissed. Sam defs should have been in the top two. And by the top two, I mean my pants.

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