If these are out future lawyers, we are fucked.

If this wasn’t enough, we also have law students doing it.

“I was aware of a pervasive lack of understanding between cultures,” he said. Greco believes that lack of understanding set the stage for what’s happening on campus right now. There has been tremendous fallout from an off-campus party this weekend. The theme was “Bullets and Bubbly” and people who went dressed in so-called hip-hop attire. “Bubble jackets with hoods, baggy jeans, doo-rags, basketball jerseys, medallions,” Greco said.

I think I am the ignorant one because I always assumed that everyone knows better than to “dress up” as the worst stereotypes and mock a group of people. How can someone actually do that on a weekend, then look their Black classmates in the face on Monday?


6 thoughts on “If these are out future lawyers, we are fucked.

  1. ok, that was meant for the John Mayer post (you’ve gotta stop changing your layout!). Anyway, don’t you think it’s worse in a way for the entertainment community to create and perpetuate the stereotype in the first place than for these people to make fun of it? It is weird, no doubt, but I don’t think it’s as bad as the MLK Day party. For instance, there were White Trash parties every other weekend in college and no one was up in arms about them. I know it’s different when it’s a minority but still, I think if I were an educated Black man I would be more upset that people actually act and dress like that than that a bunch of annoying white people were making fun of it. Am I wrong?

  2. a. oh my god, she watched John Mayer do yoga? I just passed out.

    b. True about the white trash parties. I think both types of parties are harmful. However, there is definitely a power dynamic involved.When the white people make fun of so-called white people, there is no risk of feeling dangerous or unwelcome in an environment. Whereas, a group of white students having a party and dressing as black stereotypes in much more threatening, because they originally hold the power. It’s hard to explain in words. I’ve actually been doing some reading/research into reverse racism/discrimation, and if it can actually be considered racism or discrimination.

    This actually says it better than I do.

  3. Yeah, I totally agree, especially about it being worse when those with the power put down, even as a joke, those without it which is why that MLK thing was so awful, the fact that they could use mechanisms that whites in the past used to put down blacks on a day with such meaning is really low. But I’m wondering if it’s the same thing as the gangsta party or whatever it was. They had a couple of parties not related, it seems, to any specific black cultural memorial day and it seems like they were more making fun of the ghetto culture than black people. I really think those types of clothing and rap videos are keeping their customers from reaching their potential and from climbing out of their place in society. And if they are, then they deserve all the ridicule the rest of us can make. I read recently that when a class of Black kids were asked what is “White” they said education and speaking English properly. Looking at that, and how a lot of kids aspire to be a rapper, I really think it’s those companies that are doing the damage.

  4. How do I look my black classmates in the face on Monday after attending the bitchin’ Pimps and Hoes party last weekend? EASY! There are no black people at my school.

  5. There’s some discussion happening on this. I think Juan’s observation was right on. Though there are black students at UConn Law, the point remains…and it’s about the same thing at the university where I work. There are so few students of color there that often the white students seem to think (of course, not all, but enough for this to be alarming) they have a right to behave like morons, only needing to feign racial sensitivity when a black student happens to be in one of their classes.

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