I just realized that the current space I live in is the place that I have lived the longest in my life since leaving for college. And I’ve only been here a year and secen months. No wonder I never want to settle down and decorate a place. And I’m about to move again in the summer.

I lived five places in college (okay, that’s kind of expected. After I graduated, I moved to Andover for the summer. Then to 16th street in DC for about a year and a half, then to Fairmont Street in DC for sixth months. After that, to Brooklyn for 10 months, then spent the summer is Baltimore (I actually moved once when I was there), then moved to Manhattan for another year. The summer after that I moved back to Brooklyn AGAIN, then to Connecticut, where I lived in an apartment for a year before moving to my current place. Holy shit if I have to load up a car one more time I’m going to die. This time I’m an adult, I can hire movers.

Although I am so excited to actually OWN my own place, I don’t want that to happen so soon because that means I’m permanently settled. It’s a Catch-22.


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