I have no willpower.

Ok, here I am 24 hours later and I am kind of regretting my semi-retirement. Maybe going cold turkey isn’t always a good idea. I really really need to spend my time working on my life stuff. Let’s just say my posting will be a bit sparse in the coming weeks.

But seriously, this NEEDS to be posted. Dan Radcliffe is in a play where he has a sexual fixation on horses. The promo pics are out, and I am equally repelled from these pictures as I am fascinated. He’s 17, folks. It’s nice he is growing up well, and was luckier than some child stars i.e., Ben from Growing Pains. And he’s obviously been busy working out or something. Ginny Weasley is on to something.

I’m also not going to repost them here for fear of being arrested. Look at some HQ scans here and here.


4 thoughts on “I have no willpower.

  1. *whew* thank god you posted something! *_^ I was thinking if you didn’t post anymore, how was I going to keep up with you and your life??? Sorry I am bad with email – I just find it so tedious. I am better at IM’ing!

  2. “If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.”

    Sounds like the title of one of the horrid pop songs Andrew makes me listen to.

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