Pity Party Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I’m trying to do mood mixes again. Here’s one that would be the background music to my existense right now.

The Authority Song       Jimmy Eat World   Download
Hell Yes       Alkaline Trio   Download
Atlantis to Interzone       Klaxons   Download
The Art Of Losing       American Hi-Fi   Download
Anything, Anything       Dramarama   Download
Acklington, River Pheonix       Nada Surf   Download
High Friends In Places       Giant Drag   Download
Photograph       Action Action   Download
Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now?       Moneen   Download
Alone       Heart   Download
The Dirty Glass       Dropkick Murphys   Download
Let’s make love and listen death from above       Cansei de Ser Sexy   Download
Any Way You Want It       Journey   Download
White, Discussion       Live;   Download
Sick Of Myself       Matthew Sweet   Download
Neverending Story       Limahl   Download
Plug in Baby       Muse   Download
Negative Creep       Nirvana   Download
Appreciate Me       Kelis   Download
Dancing With Myself       Billy Idol   Download

One thought on “Pity Party Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

  1. I can’t believe you put that Dramarama song on there. That was, like, me and Andreas’ song back in the day, and I’ve been looking for it ever since. Now I can listen to it and reminisce about lost love and stuff. See, what would we do without your blog?

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