I missed SNL last night, but this clip was pretty fricking funny. It’s the Dakota Fanning show! “I get raped in my next movie!”

And Lily Allen was the musical guest. HOW CUTE IS SHE? I want to be her. She performed my favorite song from her album, “LDN”. I can’t believe it JUST came out in the US.


One thought on “snl

  1. SHE is adorable. She always dresses so well too. Her voice wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be at first but by the second song she was better. I think she was really nervous which was nice to see. I just saw new portraits of her with DJ Mark Ronson. She’s in this like half of a plastic bubble on a shag carpet in a purple dress.. AAAAAH too good.

    Boo Berrywhore was boo-oring. I hate when the guest is promoting a horrible movie. I just saw the SNL where Jon Heder hosted…SOOOO bad! But still a piece.

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