what the kids are listening to: Young Love

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You’ll hear this one on the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn or on a club kid’s ipod. I guess it’s pretty good. It’s like angsty-indie-dance. Apparently this guy used to front a grunge band, but wanted to explore his pop side. Also, you may recognize the song “Find a New Way” as the theme to the MTV show Dancelife*.

Wikipedia: Young Love

Myspace: Young Love

*Don’t judge. It’s kind of good.


6 thoughts on “what the kids are listening to: Young Love

  1. For the past week and a half my co-worker comes in and plays the new Killer’s albumn in it’s entirety every morning.
    It’s driving me crazy! THE ALBUM IS SOOOO not a play everyday album. He’s like a dumb teenage girl who just downloaded Kate Bossworth Mix off a fansite and just can’t stop listening to it. THE MOST annoying thing is that he considers himself a music buff. AAAAAAAAARGH! I can’t beleive I even allowed these people to listen to my ipod all day. I’m not doing it anymore in protest. Make them realize what they are missing. HELP ME!!

  2. Sam’s Town was unchecked in my shuffle MONTHS AGO! This is like working with a mom whos trying to be cool. I can’t describe the ammounts of douche-chill I’m getting here….sever douche chill with a -10 below douche wind-chill factor.

  3. Marcy Playground is actually a FANTASTIC band, and their stuff is so much better than that song. I’ll post that when I get home.

    I just applied for a job in Athen’s GA. Wanna move with me? We can relive Michael Stipe’s childhood.

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