John Waters: over?

I finally caught A Dirty Shame on dvd. I don’t know, it had its usual cast of weird characters, sexual perversions, and all the hallmarks of a John Waters movie, but it just seemed…tired. Can John Waters really make good movies anymore? Is it him or just the era? (Although Johnny Knoxville as the leader of a gang of sexual deviants? DM!) Apparently he’s gotten into cd compliation making, so maybe that will work out for him.

It made me remember that Cecil B. Demented, Waters 2000 film is SO FRIGGING GOOD. It’s about a gang of deviants who make “outlaw cinema” and kidnap a movie star and force her to star in their film. Stephen Dorf plays a good crazy guy, and is quite adorable. Also, a pre-Entourage Adrian Grenier plays a glue-sniffing actor, and a pre-annoying Maggie Gyllenhaal plays the Satan-worshipping makeup artist. There are so many good lines from this. Maybe John Water’s peak?

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2 thoughts on “John Waters: over?

  1. A Dirty Shame! What a terrible movie. Did you know that one of Chris’ former coworkers is in it? Imagine his surprise when we found out while watching the trailer before a movie one day.

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