8th & Ocean

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A reality show about models living together in Miami? Why the hell would I want to watch that? Well, I did love Models. Inc. and Living Dolls. Or maybe I wanted to see what the hell good looking people actually think about. I was expecting another Laguna Beach, but the women on the show were actually not unlikeable.  They cared about their careers and actually had some ambition. The men, on the other hand, were so ucking vacant and dull it was hilarious. Teddy was super cute but every time he opened his mouth I had to laugh. Zoolander is pretty much true.

So, can beautiful people really have problems? Well, look at it this way. Models are constantly being judged by their looks, so I guess it can run you down. Sabrina, one of the twins, had some acne and they treated her like she was a Nazi war criminal.

My favorite scene: two of the models went out on a date and they spent the whole time telling each other how good looking they were.
My question is…when is Season 2 coming out?


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