Read My Mind

The Killers released the video for “Read My Mind:, the third video off of Sam’s Town. In my opinion, this song and “When You Were Young” are the best songs off the album, so they totally shot their wad too quickly. I find the video quite obnoxious, and a little too much use of Japanese culture and people as props. Or something. I found this comment off another blog, which was right on, so I’ll just repost it.

This is a pretty flacid try aat something endearing. The lead singer looks like a total prat and there is something very forced about the whole scenario. Certainly in terms of editorial they should have waited to introduce the band before having the lead singer start gesticulating like that. The song is actually pleasant, but the plastic antics and the shove-it-down-your-throat sentimentality is all quite stupid and uncreative. We have seen the Beatles-Meet-The-World shtick all too many times.

In sum, The Killers seem to be trying to hard lately and it shows. Also, Brandon Flowers = Freddie Mercury. Still love the song though.


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