Bret Michaels

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VH1 is really becoming a haven for has been, bloated, former drug-addicted celebrities. That’s not news. What is news is that Bret Michaels (formerly of Poison, duh) is going to have a Bachelor-style show where he is lookin’ for love. This is totally BLOWING MY MIND. The guy who was like, the total idol to all metal fans back in the late eighties. I was so obsessed with him. When I was 12 I had posters of him ripped out of Metal Edge hanging in my room (like the ones above) . I wanted to do things with him that I didn’t even know existed. Now I am scared to see what a washed up forty-something bloated asshole he has turned out to be. It will total ruin my childhood memories! Is it too late to apply to the show?

This inspired me to go on a trip down memory lane and watch old Poison videos. Holy shit they are bad. And by bad I mean fantastic.


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