Battlestar thoughts

Although it is nice to see more character development and to see flashbacks to life before the apocolypse, I felt it was really weak.

What was the whole point of Cally and Tyrol stuck in the airlock? For Adama’s character to realize that family is important? I thought Cally was going to die. Damn, they really hate each other. The whole “you said it would be different” thing was weird. Like Cally married him knowing he didn’t really care for her. It makes me hate her patheticness even more.

Lee is going to be the head of Baltar’s trial? Just because once he visited his grandfather as a child and opened a law book? That is weak.

Uh, is Helo back as a raptor pilot? I guess when Tigh got back they fired him from the CIC. Look at all the sci-fi jargon I am using.

No Anders, Baltar or Number Six for like 3 weeks now. I’m dying.

Also….I like the political nature of next week’s episode. It looks like Baltar is also a political scientist and the Chief will bring back his activism on labor issues. But,,,,can we please get BACK TO FINDING EARTH? AND THE FINAL FIVE? I think now that the fourth season is a go, they have to stretch things out a bit. But I hate when they forget that stuff.


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