in bloom

I’m still doing some Nirvana reminiscing, and I can’t really put into words Kurt Cobain’s affect on me. I am still cursing the gods that I was born too late to see the early eighties punk scene, but luckily I was right age to discover Nirvana and be old enough to see their influence. I think you all know how important music is to me and how it defines my memories and experiences, and listening to Nirvana for me is exhilarating, depply disturbing, and so tragic at the same time. NME did a cool poll about people’s favorite Nirvana moments. I have seen/witnessed most of these, except Kurt and Christ making out on Saturday Night Live. That is because it only aired once, NBC cut it out of all repeats. I’ve been checking out some of these clips on You Tube, and here is a fucking awesome moment from a fucking awesome performance from the Reading Festival, which made the #1 spot on the poll.

And an SNL promo with Charles Barkley. AWKWARD, much?



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