this blog has reached a new low

“What’s your greatest wish?”

“I want my innocence back.”

And so goes one of my favorite segment, Q & A with kids on Wondershowzen. Ok, so I’ll cut to the chase. There are full frontal pictures of Daniel Radcliffe promoting his play Equus. Of course they were posted on every blog I read. For a while I thought I would just let it be. I could live without seeing it. But it’s like a scar, I always swear I’m going to leave it alone for it to heal, but a part of my wants to rip it off. And then I went one step more; I’m posting the link here. But, before you click it, I really want you to think about it. Do you really want to go there? I can never watch the Harry Potter movies in the same way again. I feel like I’ve lost my innocence. Nothing else is sacred, I’ve seen Harry Potter’s…area. I may as well just rent tons of hardcore porn and stay home in my pjs and watch it and shove cookie dough in my face. Have you thought about it? Do you really need to see it? Sigh. Ok, if you must. It’s obviously not safe for work. Oh, and one word, four syllables: uncircumcized.


4 thoughts on “this blog has reached a new low

  1. Don’t worry, it’s just a photo manip.

    And really, a photo of a naked man isn’t quite the same thing as hardcore porn, is it?

    All this fuss about such a little thing. LOL

  2. total fake. that’s why it’s in black and white and not color like the rest of the promo material, black and white makes it easier to match the skin tone. plus, even the brits wouldn’t do that type of pic for a promo.

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