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I have loved Calla for a number of years, this is their fouth album. The earlier albums were very I guess… somber and ethereal. This one is actually a little heavier on the guitars and verse-chorus-verse format. But I like when a band grows. The lyrics and songwriting are pretty deep, and I was in awe of them until a couple of years ago when I saw them live and they opened for some other band (I think The Walkmen) and during the next band the singer was standing behind me, spilled beer in my hair and talked loudly to his friend about a chick he boned. It was kind of like that episode of Growing Pains where Brad Pitt plays the rock star that Ben worships, and then he meets him backstage and Brad is all mean to him so Ben decides he hates him, but then Dr. Seaver just convinces him it’s all about the music. Or something like that.


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