If you’ve actually seen this, I’ll give you ten bucks.

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Camp Cucamonga is some randon made for tv movie that I taped off television and watched about a thousand times. I have no idea why I liked it. I guess I always had some obsession with camp. But what the hell. It had all the hottest teen stars in it, including Jaleel White (Urkel), Candace Cameron, Chad Allen, Danika McKellar and Josh Saviano from the Wonder Years, and a “fat” Jennifer Aniston. The plot is shit, somehow the camp almost gets shut down, so they all strategize about how to save it. After about three seconds of contemplating, someone suggests “let’s make a rap video!” as if that is the most obvious solution when you are trying to save a camp. So, cue a rap and dance montague, with green screens and choreography. Jaleel does the rapping, I guess because he is the only black camper. What else? Oh there is some biug drama where Danika acts all bad-ass because she doesn’t want people to know that her parents are getting a divorce. You know she is badass because she wears a Ratt t-shirt and a leather jacket.

Of course, this inspired me to list my favorite camp movies ever.

1. Wet Hot American Summer (duh, that one was obvious)

2. Little Darlings (Kristy McNicholl and Tatum O’Neill in a Virgin-Off)

3. Heavyweights (It’s actually good, and probably Ben Stiller’s best character)

4. The Parent Trap (the original, thanks)

Notice the movie Camp is missing from this list. That’s on purpose.


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