my oscar picks

of fashion, that is. I tend to like when people dress a bit differently than the norm of strapless evening gowns. With that said, contrary to what most people think, I love Kirsten Dunst’s dress: Very vintage-y. And yay for sleeves.
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She looks awful in this pic, but once she took off that metal armor shrug thing, the folds of the dress were really cool. I love the idea of brown in an evening dress.

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And, because he is hot, Sascha Baron Cohen. And his hooch fiance.

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I also loved Ellen’s first suit, the maroon velvet.

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Now, here is what I don’t understand. When you are an actress and starve yourself for months, why the hell would you wear something that makes you look big? If I were them, I’d wear a dress that says, “look! You can see my whole clavicle!”

Beyonce: gross color, and it looks like her hips are about 10 feet wide. Is she giving birth under there?

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Jennifer Lopex. Just gross. Her free flying boobs look painful. Strap those in.

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Cameron Diaz: the top of that dress looks like my 6th grade graduation dress. Too many flaps. Looks like a folded napskin. Yuck.

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Kate Winselt, I expected more from you. The dress is the color of moldy water. I miss your curves.

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I know she is only 11, but Abigail Breslin looked like shit. I don’t feel bad for hating on a kid.


2 thoughts on “my oscar picks

  1. I never thought of you as a big Chanel Haute Couture fan.
    Dunst looked OK…’s hard to wear that shit. Look at Rinko Kikuchi’s dress of the GG’s. Errbody ain’t made for Chanel Haute Couture.

    Umm I liked the J-lo Marchesa dress not just because of the Hollywood politics involved with Marchesa and the Weinstein Co. but also for the built in GEMS.

    Winslet looked good, but not OSCAR good. She (in Valentino Couture) and Beyonce (in Armani Prive) wore the same dumb celadon color. At least Beyonce’s dress had rocks sewed into it like Cate Blanchett’s (in Armani Prive).

    It seems that your not a fan of Valentino, that’s who Cammy D was wearing as well. Did you like A Hath’s dress with the huge bead bow (also Valentino)?

  2. I guess I am not a fan of designers per say, because everyone puts out a stinker once ina while. In general I am a fan of coutoure dresses. Valentino dresses look like a drunk 5 year old put them together. EXCEPT I kind of liked Anne Hathaways dress. It was kind of unique.

    JLo’s dress was hideous. Like Xmas tree garland.

    This is obscure, but did you see Evangaline Lily’s dress at the Golden Globes? Thay may have been the best awards dress ever.

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