List: my gym pet peeves

I’d also like to recognize that I am far from the epitome of physical fitness, but I am allowed (and enjoy) getting annoyed by my fellow gym goers. I am also going to be totally gendered, because at the gym there is always a clear binary of behaviors. Okay, it’s not 100%, but let’s just recognize that I am generalizing.

  • Women who sit at a weight machine and will do a set, then sit for about 5 minutes after, picking their nails, whatever, doing another set, slumping over, another 5 minutes, and then half-heartedly do a couple more reps. Ok, glad you are doing something, but please do some circuit training or get the hell off because someone (me) wants to use it.
  • People who talk (loudly) on their cell phones while on a cardio machine. Cell phones are evil. And if you are able to be on your cell phone while doing it, you’re not working hard enough. It’s called cardio for a reason.
  • Two housewives who come to the gym together, and in a room full of empty elliptical machines, get on the two next to mine and gab loudly about their bratty kids and last night’s Grey’s Anatomy.
  • People who put their mouth directly on the water fountain. Are we in fifth grade?
  • The guy who watches Everyone Loves Raymond and Yes, Dear while working out. Because those shows are an insult to television.
  • People who do not wipe down the machines after using them. I feel like I am going to get pregnant if I am the next one to use it.
  • People who get totally naked in the locker room and strut around. I am glad you love your body, but I don’t.
  • People who attempt to make conversation with you in the locker room while they are naked.
  • My gym also serves douhnuts in the morning and pizza at lunchtime. What the fuck? Is this a strategy for people to keep coming back and renewing their membership? It’s bizarre.
  • People who use the elipitical, but are completely leaning on and supporting themselves on the handles. If it is too hard, TURN DOWN THE RESISTANCE! Or, just don’t bother! Exercise is supposed to be hard.

In comclusion, I will say that any sort of activity or trip to the gym is at least better than nothing. So I shouldn’t be hating.


2 thoughts on “List: my gym pet peeves

  1. what about the girls that are all “decked out” and “styling” in their gym gear and halfheartedly workout? God forbid they sweat and mess up their hair!!! that annoys me, because after working out, i am a sweaty, red-faced mess!

  2. OMG!!! I can’t beleive there’s a man who watches Errrbody Lurves Raymund at the gym!! THAT”S CRAZY!! Tell me he has Strong Medicine and King of Queens on DVD at home. Who can’t find time to watch that crap when it’s on TV in syndication like 9 times a day?

    Basically you should be all over that man. He’s a prime canidate for suggestive molding. He’ll be talking about how he hates Ultragrrl and wants to get some Royal elastics in no time.

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