The Academy Is…

My ultimate guilty pleasure has a new album.

[THE ACADEMY IS….; Santi] [multiply][mediafire]

Shirley Manson for PETA

God, I wish it was 1997 and I was still rocking out to Garbage in my dorm room. Not really. But Shirley Manson (love love love her) is in a new anti-fur campaign for PETA. I love her dress. I’ll bet it would be cuter with a leather clutch.

List: new crushes

I’ve been perving out lately, thought I’d keep you updated.

Jesse: the “chubby” trainer from Workout

Nick Simmons: Gene’s Simmons’ son. He’s 6’7″, awkward, 18. in a band, and half-Jew.

Henry Cavill

Ana Faris: I have always liked her, but I just saw her in Just Friends (actually a funny movie) and now I am in love.

Nigel Barker: I totally didn’t know he was straight.

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