Ugh. Are you a fan of the Arcade Fire?

Well, Pitchfork is predictably up their asses and gives their new album an 8.4 Shocker. They even get the NY Times treatement.

Gosh, they just irritate me. Case in point:

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Woman on left “I’m ironically playing the accordian? Do you year me? That’s soooo orginal! Wait, I need a megaphone to tell you how unique I am!”

Guy in center: “I can’t talk. My awesome indie music has taken over me.”

Woman on the right: “Hi, I’m dressed like a granny. Because that’s indie.”


2 thoughts on “Ugh. Are you a fan of the Arcade Fire?

  1. double ugh.
    They douche so hard.
    You kind of know you’re indy cred is gone when TIME and NEWSWEEK are all doing features about your new album.

  2. You don’t have to like them, I’m pretty ambivalent myself, but ironic is definitely the one thing they aren’t. Believe me she’s playing that accordian sincerely. They pretty much out sincere every other indie musician combined. Whether that’s a good thing or not is up to the listener…

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