bad videos

I love to hate.

Are you fucking kidding me with this? The song alone is grating. The video makes me want to punch something.

So this “Daughtry”, who I assume is an American Idol reject, trumps weird Al with every rock video cliche. Leather pants, the big microphone, the band in an abondoned theater, dramatic lighting, overdramatic facial expressions, dumb narrative storyline, the dramatic exit at the end. I hated it the first time I saw it, when it was Nickelback.

I used to defend Evanescence and actually listen to them seriously. Then the actual talent, Ben Moody, left the band the shitty shitty second album came out and Amy Lee pulled a Gwen Stefani and made herself the center of attention. We get it. You’re depressed because every man is in love with you and you can’t love yourself enough to love them back. And you take psychotropic drugs. And how dare you name/write a song with the same title as a Nirvana song. Ooooo, and you wear dark lipstick. How deep. Also, this is an EXACT rip off of “Love Like Winter“. Please. You are no Davey Havok.


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