I can’t make this stuff up.

They’ve tokenized Asians (Mulan), Middle Easterns (Aladdin), Native Americans (Pocahontas), Gypsies (Hunchback), Mermaids (Little Mermaid), had questionable “African” characters in the Lion King. Who’s left? You’ve probably figured it out by now.


Disney shows first black princess

Maddy, unveiled at a Disney meeting

The Frog Princess will mark a return to traditional animation

Disney’s next animated fairy tale, The Frog Princess, will feature the studio’s first black princess. Maddy is an African-American girl living amid the faded grandeur of New Orleans’ French quarter.

The movie will also see a return to the hand-drawn animation process, instead of using computer animation that has become the industry standard.

The film will be made by John Musker and Ron Clements, the team behind The Little Mermaid and Aladdin.

Cajun charm

Walt Disney Studios chairman Dick Cook said: “The film’s New Orleans setting and strong princess character give the film lots of excitement and texture.”

Composer and singer Randy Newman will provide music for the film, which promised an “unforgettable tale of love, enchantment and discovery with a soulful singing crocodile, voodoo spells and Cajun charm,” a Disney spokesman said.

The studio said its new princess will be added to its collection of animated princesses used at the company’s theme parks and on consumer products.

The film is set for release in 2009.

“unforgettable tale of love, enchantment and discovery with a soulful singing crocodile, voodoo spells and Cajun charm” Wtf? Way to put all stereotypes in there. Don’t forget to have then eating Jumbalaya all the time.


One thought on “I can’t make this stuff up.

  1. Yeh I just blogged about this over at Highbrid Nation, check it out if you get a chance. Anyway, it really is about time Disney gave little girls a black princess to look up to. Its long overdue. I also think its great that the film will take place in New Orleans. I’ll definately have to take my neice to the Frog Princess.

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