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If you’ve ever made, or conceived of, a list like this, then look no further for your next book purchase. Alternately, if you’ve always wondered why the hell dudes make these lists, then you have the key. In Perfect From Now On, John Sellers has written a fan’s memoir overflowing with humor, self-deprecation, encyclopedic knowledge of musical minutiae, and “you should have been there” personal anecdotes. Despite vowing never to get caught up in music due to the nuttiness of a Dylan-obsessed father and playground taunts about his preference for Top 40 trash, he found himself powerless to resist to the call of indie rock, the genre that begat the likes of Sonic Youth, the Pixies, Pavement, Built to Spill, and Modest Mouse. When his favorite band Guided By Voices called it quits in 2004, Sellers examined his own listening habits, caught a few mind-blowing shows, got drunk with his heroes, and wrote this book—one that is sure to resonate with anybody who has ever obsessed over good music.


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