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Saw 300. Still deciding if I loved it or loathed it. Visually, it was fantastic, the best visual effects and artistic direction I’ve seen in years. I didn’t realize until I saw it that Zack Snyder directed it. He also did Dawn of the Dead, which doesn’t surprise me because basically the whole middle half of the movies was a freaking bloodbath battle. Even I at one point had to leave to go the bathroom to take a break. It was like Gladiator meets the Matrix with all the slow motion, stop in midair shots. Despite actually enjoying it while watching it, I had many findamental issues which I just couldn’t ignore.

  • The whole thing was like one pro-war infomercial. I know the book was like that too, but it was interesting that this came out now.
  • The depiction of the Asians and Persians was quite one sided, barbaric and quite frankly racist.
  • The women were basically created as ideal figures for hetero men. All the women in ancient Greece were depicted as Victoria’s Secret models who wore revealing clothing all the time. There was unecessary nude shots of most of the women, including and unecessary sex scene. And why does the oracle have to be naked? Was that necessary?
  • Don’t get me started on the depiction of King Xerxes. He was depicted as somewhat effeminate, and the actor’s voice was manipulated to make him sound extemely ambiguous as far as gender. When he met Lionides, he also seemed to “put the moves on him” which angered Lionides. Why was the evil king the one depicted as gender variant?
  • Plot and dialogue were non existent. Most of it was Lionides shouting orders in a booming masculine grunt and the troops responding. The hyper-masculinity and the scores of half naked men just reeked of latent gayness. I’ve never seen so much latent homosexuality in a movie since Jackass. Not that I didn’t mind it, but what was going on with that dynamic? Was it put there puposely?

Ultimately, I am going to blame Frank Miller for all the fundamentally disturbing social issues. He did create the story and the images. It’s not a surprise- although I adore Sin City, there were a thousand disturbing things.

Previews sucked ass. Along with the pro-war agenda, I felt like I was being fed pro-life propaganda and pro-bible propaganda.


One thought on “300

  1. I went to see 300 in the imax at it was absolutey awsome when I left the theatre I felt like taking on some persians myself as they were trying to conquer the entire planet greedy punks so in actual fact they were pretty tyranical bunch of peoples and the greeks just wanted to be left alone to fued amongst themselves check the history books dude !! the battle actually took place and some of the dialog has been recorded by historians and was actuly said during the time of the encounter and the spartan way of life was actually depicted quite well , again check the history books dude !! to watch an action film of that magnitude and to complain 1st about naked women !? then about the gayness that I did`nt even notice , dude you`ve got issues ~~!! and yes the sex scene was nessesary as they both knew that was the last time they would ever see each other a heart felt moment ` spartan come home with your sheild or on it `reply ` yes my lady ` !! I loved that film and the only thing wrong with it is that they did`nt finish it with the persians being destroyed be the 10,000 strong army !! it`s just a movie so let be a movie sit back get into it and enjoy !!! oh and did you ever think that people enjoy wathch a movie with not to mich blabbering and a little more action , actions speak louder than words !! so bring on the sequel !! AU AU AU (said loudly like only a spartan citizen soldier can)

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