battlestar thoughts

Katee Sackoff no longer in the credits.

Oh, Samuel. Even drunk and depressed, you look mighty tasty. Although why does he suddenly look like Dane Cook?

Why did Baltar’s first lawyer look kind of Jewish? What are they trying to say?

Again with the inconsistency. Why are there practicing lawyers among the fleet? After the attack, don’t all careers go to shit? Who other than Baltar actually needs a lawyer? I think this is why I have trouble with Sci Fi. I get stuck on the logistical details.

Um, does everyone realize that Baltar kept his pen in his crotch for safekeeping? I hope they washed their hands before handling that.

Okay, also confusing plot point: for a while I thought “Cally” had planted the bombs, and then I realized they were saying “Kelly”. Those damn Canadian actors.

Do cylons have the ability to look gorgeous all the time? Why does Caprica Six look like she just had her makeup done? The Six aboard the Pegasus looked like hell. Can they give her a change of clothes please?

Next weak: Caprica Six starts kicking ass.

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