paradise city

Okay, I just found another “scripted reality” show on E!, Paradise City, that I can watch at the gym and laugh at the general douchebaggery. Are these people serious? Rick and his pathetic trendy hair and increbibly shitty band. Willie, the apparently “gorgeous” one that wears a t-shirt that says “half-man, half-horse”. It’s like they transplanted Laguna Beach kids in Vegas. Every archetype is there. The guy with the shitty band, several blonde women that look alike, the brunette feisty one, the “good” girl. Good job, E!, but not quite as good as Love in in the Heir.


2 thoughts on “paradise city

  1. wouldn’t you say the best part was when willie told the “arty” blond that he would get naked with her, you know, if it would make her feel better. classic awful tv, but i can’t help but eat it up.

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