some morning reading

This Much Left | Blog Archive | Dems Demean Colbert

The Women’s War – Sara Corbett – Iraq – Soldiers – Women – Abuse

Faces Of The RIAA

Is Homosexuality Immoral? Clinton, Obama Won’t Say

Kansas City Star | 03/16/2007 | Lesbian kiss falls flatter than a pancake

ohnotheydidnt: 100 worst-reviewed films of all time

Alice Walker – Rebecca Walker – Feminist – Feminist Movement – Children

Does cheering against success make you an a-hole? | The A.V. Club

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen — NEW COUPLE ALERT!

2008 Presidential Race – MySpace – Politics

Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog – music: Do we still need record shops?

McGregor Finds An “Incendiary” Device (March 14th 2007)

Viacom Sues YouTube Over Copyrights

Social Explorer – Foodstuffs of Epic Proportions


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