battlestar thoughts

Um…what? I’m a little disoriented.

On the previews for next week, does Anders say “it’s true, we’re cylons?” If that were the case, they wouldn’t have shown that. He may have been being sarcastic.

Also, this whole Lee revolting against his father came out of nowhere. Is it simply because the Admiral wanted him to be the CAG and he didn’t feel like it? Except for the whole mutiny from season one, there hasn ‘t been any discourse. That really frustrates me. And does he really believe in the system that much?

I actually yelled “YES!” out loud when Six clocked Tigh.

Anders and Tori? Cylons? Or having a secret affair? Although having Anders as a cylon would not make sense. Unless the one that Starbuck met on new Caprica did not know he was a cylon, and the one she went back for was a cylon that did know. Why would Tori be a cylon? Hasn’t she been helping the insurgence too much?

At this point, it would make NO sense for any of the main characters to be cylons. If they didn’t know they were cylons their actions would make sense, but it wouldn’t make sense that they were not “activated” yet to carry out their missions.

I feel like too much is in the air to wrap up the season. In the last episode, we need to:

  • find out who the final five cylons are
  • find out if they are going to find earth
  • have some sort of epic battle
  • wrap up this trial
  • prove once and for all that Laura Roslin is evil
  • see Anders shirtless
  • find out what really happened to Ellen
  • find out what really happened to Starbuck
  • find out if Caprica Six is going to be considered a traitor to the Cylons
  • reunite Caprica Six and Baltar and see if she forgives him for canoodling with Number Three
  • find out what the deal is with the Australian lawyer
  • find out what the eye of jupiter really means (Tyrol never resolved that)
  • find out why Laura Roslin’s cancer came back
  • find out what the deal with the radio signals are

And, even if it resolved that, are we ever going to have an update on how the tyllium miners are doing? Or how the Sagitarians are doing? Prolly not.

I cannot handle waiting six months for the new season.


One thought on “battlestar thoughts

  1. I didn’t buy Bill’s outburst toward Lee. Bill’s too rational. Still, I enjoyed this episode. Who thinks the season will end with Kara waking up in a tub of goo?

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