The Tudors

I finally caught the first two episodes of the Tudors. It is okay. Entertaining I guess, but mediocre. I think the writers thought if they threw period costumes and sex it could be a good show. I mean, on those criteria alone, it could be awesome, but I can’t see myself becoming engrossed in it. JRM doesn’t do it for me, and he seems horribly miscast. The story is not engrossing. Henry is portrayed as shallow, tempermental and egostistic. Many other characters are portrayed that way (i.e. Gaius Baltar, Marc Antony) but somehow they are intriguing, where as this Henry is not. Also, after just finishing The Other Boleyn Girl, this whole thing seems repetitive. I wonder how it will fare when the movie comes out this summer. I suppose I will watch it when it comes out on dvd. If not for the insanely hot Henry Cavill. Also, I am intigued by the actress that plays Anne Boleyn.


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