Cleaning out my links. Here’s some Tuesday morning reading.

Rolling Stone’s Rules for the Fair Use of Important Band Names
Biology in Science Fiction: What was the virus that killed the cylons?
This American Life comes to tv
22 TV Opening-Credit Sequences That Fit Their Shows Perfectly
Extras, like the Office, will end after two seasons
The USA swim team and water polo team. See anything you like?
Blonde Redhead discuss new album. It’s frikking awesome.
Panda Bear: Person Pitch: Pitchfork Record Review Of course they give it a high score. How predictable.
Can American Apparel replace the Gap? Remember when the Gap ruled?

Women’s Work: Never Too Nice Armchair feminism
Kate and Leo: together again!
Rolling Stone’s 10 Artists to Watch. Yea, uz RS is really the authority on music these days.
Amy Poehler + Will Arnett. Love them!
A Trainspotting sequel will not be happening.
Run, Jake!


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