Blades of Glory

I’ll admit, I want to see Blades of Glory. The idea is unique, I didn’t think the idea of two guys ice skating together was going to be the  but of every joke. I expected it to be more of a Dodgeball v. Best in Show.  However, this Salon review confirms that the writers play into the homophobia-as-funny a littlebit.

But while I don’t think “Blades of Glory” is exactly homophobic — it’s not mean-spirited enough for that — there’s something a little too cheap and easy about the way it plays up to the ultra-straight guys in its target demographic. You know the ones: Guys who go to the movies together and, even at a semi-crowded show, insist on keeping an empty seat between them, lest anyone get the wrong idea. (Sure, maybe they just need the extra leg room. Or the extra third-leg room.) “Blades of Glory” doesn’t seem to know whether it’s sending up homophobia or cuddling up to it. On the one hand, it asks the rhetorical question, “So what’s wrong with the idea of a guy-guy pairs team?” On the other hand, Jimmy’s butt-strutting in that peacock suit, his mincing walk, play right into the stereotypes that boneheads everywhere love to laugh at.

Damn. I guess I had hope. Anyone see it? Is it really worth it?


One thought on “Blades of Glory

  1. Not worth it. I saw it last night and it wasn’t that funny.
    And funnily enough, I saw two guys from my school sitting with a seat between them.

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