the veils on tour…

Sometimes when I like a band and rarely anyone has ever heard of them, I think that they are only a figment of my imagination. Take The Veils.  Alas, they are actually coming to the US on tour. I thought I’d never live to see the day. I need to see this. So far only a few dates are announced. If I am not at one of their shows I may not be able to live.

Also, Muse are on tour with My Chemical Romance. I just realized this today. WWWW TTTTT FFFFF?????

You may have noticed the Vodpod thing on my sidebar (scroll down a bit). THis way I can upload all the videos I am watching. Keep an eye on it.


One thought on “the veils on tour…

  1. Um*, a) their DEBUT album? They have two! and b) their album doesn’t come out till April? I overplayed that thing last fall!

    *Comments are referring to the article that you linked to.

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