nu shoooez

Wow, here’s a life crisis. I am trying to buy some caz shoes, since the keds I wear everyday are starting to disntegrate. Which shoes do you like the best? I know, please don’t stress.


4 thoughts on “nu shoooez

  1. … I realize I always thought you were a guy !
    Now I understand many things… like this obsession for McGregor or Harry Potter ! ^_^

    Nothing to do with anything, but I really like Avey Tare & Kria Brekkan album, once it is reversed ! And Jim Noir sounds better than Patrick Wolf :)
    And eventually, first shoes look best…

  2. HAH! U are a Gay man inside. Or just transgendered.

    It’s so weird how I can see you in each pair of these shoes.
    I kind of like the first ones for their interesting buttons and ability to go with everything.
    But the last ones are so you.

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