pet peeves

Ok, so there has been a request to have “less pop culture, more [me]” on here. Hard to do, since my life is about as exciting as a stereo user manual’s right now. Since I am sick with a cold, I have been extra crabby and whiny lately (more than usual) so today I was talking to people about pet peeves. I love hearing about other peoples’, especially the seemingly irrational ones. Gosh, if you had the time to hear all of mine. Here’s a few that have bothered me lately.

People singing in public. Not just the people that sing to themselves softly to pass the time, or sing along in the car or whatever. The people who delusionally think they are good, try to sound like they are on American Idol, and do it with full vibrato, volume, and expression and shit. Maybe they are standing with a friend doing it. I can’t stand this. This usually happens with people who are also in a capella groups. Don’t even get me started on those.

People (usually women) who have to kiss each other every time they see each other. We’re not in fucking Europe.


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