Bravo, what’s going on?

For those of you that watch Workout last season, you know it was good and Jackie was the coolest/most together person on any reality tv show. This season it’s like the Real World. I think it is ridiculous that she is seeing Rebecca. Rebecca is ridiculous. She is obviously getting involved with Jackie for airtime. And is someone who is not really a lesbian, but is sleeping with a woman for shock value and attention. Ugh. And then the whole thing with Doug? They totally have not really addressed it.

Thoughts on Shear Genius? How many iterations of Project Runway can we have? I think I will enjoy this, because some of the people seem cool and you all know I have a secret dream of being a hair stylist. Unless Dr. Boogie’s birth certificate says Dr. Boogie, I want to punch him in the face for naming himself that. Theodore is set up to be the likeable heartthrob, but I believe he is secretly evil. As of now, I’m rooting for Daisy.


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