List: Notable bizarre books I read as a child

Since I have been sick, I reread From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. and started The Golden Compass. It has made me miss reading as a child. It made me nostalgic for the days when I would DEVOUR several books in a week as a child/young adult. I have started thinking about some effed up stuff that I read as well that has stuck with me. I mean, obviously most of my time was taken up with BSC, Sunset Island and Sweet Valley High. I feel like today not a lot of the stuff would be popular, with the market dominated by Harry Potter and those goddam Gossip Girl books. I wonder if any of you remember these.

The Boy Who Reversed Himself

Some kid knows how to enter the Fourth Dimension. Ok, the first thing was its whole explanation of how dimenions work, which just blew my eight year old mind. Entering the fourth dimension was not just another perspective, but it had it’s own world with creatures and society. So this girl and her friend are kidnapped by the weird fouth-dimensional creatures. Even though I was eight, it gave me some irrational fear that this weird fourth dimensional worls existed. Plus, they could reverse the molecular makeup of objects, and reversed ketchup apparently was like crack. Weeeeeeeiiird!

Hey, Didi Darling!

Holy shit, this book was my life. These teenage girls had a rock band and they became frustrated that no one was taking them seriously because they were women. So they decided to cross dress and pose as an all-boy group. Then they gain popularity and attract lots of adoring female fans and jikinks ensue while they try not to reveal their true identities. First of all, how in the hell did they even pass as boys? That astounded me. Looking back, I now see this could have been a statement of feminism/the glass ceiling and even on the effects of transphobia. Or maybe I am looking into it too much.

The Secret Language

I think I read this when I was seven or eight, and I remember wanting to beat the crap out of the characters. It was this whiny, needy, weak girl who was always homesick at boarding school and made everyone around her drop everything to fit her needs. I think one was supposed to sympathize with her, but I remember being annoyed with her. Why was this book weird? It was considered a classic or something, and it went nowhere. Basically these two girls would run around and play these dumb games, which was supposed to be imaginative, but in today’s world these girls would probably be diagnosed with mild autism. I’m just sayin’.

Sleepover Friends

This was a whole series about a group of friends in the fifth grade who would hold sleepovers every Friday night. Sounds fun, right? It was pretty fun. I was also in the fifth grade when I read these and it ASTOUNDED me that they were allowed to attend sleepovers every week. Don’t kids need a decent amount of sleep? When I slept over my friends’ I would stay up until six on the morning and it probably messed up my brain development somehow. Why was this bizarre? Because the characters acted like they were 35 years old. I was also in the fifth grade at the time when I read these. These girls would solve their parents marital crises, constantly go out to restaurants alone, and have like actual romantic relationships where they talked to their boyfriends and were actually mature enough to maintain these relationships. I think one actually went to couples counseling. At one point one of them organized an archaelogical dig. Oh, they also had a business on the side where they organized children’s parties. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a 401K.

More t come as I remember them…

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