Virginia Tech

Along with you, I am also pretty freaked out by the Virginia Tech shooting. My heart goes out to everyone there. But my question is, can we get these kids to take a public speaking course?

student: “I was in Shanks Hall, which is located in the upper portion of campus, and we were having class, and all of a sudden we had e-mail saying that, like, there was a shooting on campus and then we were updated with it saying that, like, classes were being canceled and to stay where we were. … Right after we got that e-mail we heard five shots on campus, and we could hear the emergency speaker system. So we all got down under the desks and moved away from the windows.

There must have been at least over 20 or 30 cop cars and ambulances. Like, every street was lined with them. I did not see like openings at all, like, it was really scary. All the cops had, like, vests on, and some had guns in their hands and everything. I felt like I was in a war zone, or in the middle of like the city, or something. It was just very, very unsettling.”

I’m watching CNN and MSBNC simultaneously, and is it just me or are the producers jumping for joy about the coverage this will bring them? I think they already have a logo. And how many times are they going to play the tape with the gunshots and the screaming? And then the anchor saying “listen to that CARNAGE!”. Jeez.

Another update: I am really sick of all the press criticizing how the police handled it. How in the hell does anyone prepare for something like this? Now they are criticizing them for not having security guards at the dorms at all times. Practically every school on a suburban campus has a dorm that is easily penitrable. They were criticising them for not doing a radio boradcast. Who the hell listens to the radio? Also, how do you lock down a campus of 30,000 within minutes? Lay off. It’s a tragedy that no one expected.


4 thoughts on “Virginia Tech

  1. After everything that happened to her this morning, you seriously have the nerve to criticize the way she speaks to the press? Can you imagine what she has just been through? I don’t think eloquence was the first thing on her mind. Don’t be so ignorant.

  2. It’s called Grace Under Fire (not the TV show) and it’s not a bad thing to have or aspire for.

    Meredith Viera was practically pooping her pants during the Today’s show’s live broadcast from the “Virginia Tech Massacre” scene knowing that this hard-hitting journalism would secure her a position in the “Today Show’s greatest moments” highlight reel in the near future. I especially enjoyed when she and Matt explained how their presence wasn’t invaisive but welcomed by the community which felt “embraced” by the media.


    The gunmen was Korean-American. I smell a storm of asian hatin’ a’brewin’.

  3. He wasn’t even American. He was a permanent resident. I hope to hell there isn’t an Asian backlash, but I must admit, while riding the LIRR on my way to work, I did feel a bit self-conscious of being Asian…I definitely felt much more comfortable once we hit the city. But I must admit, I have found that a lot of people refer to him as the shooter or the gunman or use his name. but I have not heard or seen “the korean gunman” or “the korean shooter”…which I guess is a good thing…but then again, i have only been watching nbc and have not really had a chance to watch the other stations.

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