Saturday morning reading

How Many Of Joel Madden’s Hints That He Is Cool And Tough Can You Spot In This Picture?

Features : Radar Online: Chuck Palahnuik

Ten Best Teenage Breakups on Scripted TV

Suicide Food

Why Does Joss Stone Look Like Such A Whore? The theory of “The Butterfly Effect”

Also, proof that Pitchfork is no longer about reviewing the actual music. Three fantastic albums get mediocre reviews:

Idlewild: Make Another World: Pitchfork Record Review

The Fratellis: Costello Music: Pitchfork Record Review

The Rakes: Ten New Messages: Pitchfork Record Review

Also, for those of you counting, this is my 2000 post! Holy crap.


One thought on “Saturday morning reading

  1. MAZELTOV!!!!!!!!!!! Incidentally this is my 1000th comment.

    2000? it’s not possible! Time flies….
    WOW it’s been a magical journey thus far.
    I can’t for the next 2000.

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