I love the Swedes

I already liked the band I’m From Barcelona, but my love has solidified after seeing the video for “We’re From Barcelona”. For real, the band has 29 band members. And are all Swedish hipsters. So cute! I could have this song in my head for all eternity and be okay with that. Squeee!!!! So good!

Speaking of Swedes, I just got the new Sahara Hotnights album. Haven’t listened to much of it yet. Also been listening to advances of:

the new Rufus Wainwright…bleh. Kind of expected.

the new Tori Amos…fantastic! More like “choirgirl” Tori and not recent Lite FM Tori.


One thought on “I love the Swedes

  1. found your blog via the BSC blog, and just wanted to say, I agree with you about the new Tori. It’s nice to see her actually saying something rather than just “tending the garden” as one of my friends likes to refer to The Beekeeper album.

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