They’re no David Blaine.

If you are a sub-par pop-punk band and need some good PR, what do you do? Well. live in a plastic bubble twenty-four-seven and record your album, silly. From Cartel’s myspace:

In what’s sure to be the most talked-about music event of the year, CARTEL are sealing themselves inside a huge transparent bubble on Hudson River Park’s Pier 54 in NYC, where they’ll eat, sleep and breathe while writing and recording a new album live for all the world to see. Lending new meaning to the term “up close and personal,” Band in a Bubble presented by Dr Pepper is a groundbreaking interactive multimedia event that will offer fans an unprecedented real-time look into the ups and downs of the creative process as Cartel shapes the highly anticipated follow-up to their breakthrough debut, CHROMA.

Cartel will enter the bubble during a live MTV broadcast on May 24 and live there with no escape until the bubble “bursts” on June 12, when they will perform new material in a concert event on the pier.

Web cams will stream live on and the event will air as a special reality series with four 30-minute episodes on MTV, which will also be available on-demand at

“This is huge for us,” says Cartel frontman Will Pugh. “Making an album is a very personal and emotional experience, and in the past we’ve never wanted anyone around when writing or recording. But given that this is probably the biggest opportunity we’ll ever have to show the world what we’re made of, we can’t wait to invite the fans into both the studio and our lives.”

Good grief. Do they really think the album will be good? They will write any old crap just to get it over with. So we have to watch their EVERY move? Will they have catheters and diapers on? Do I really want to watch these guys shower every morning?

Wait, maybe I do.


One thought on “They’re no David Blaine.

  1. THis is so AMAZING! I hope they are forced to only consume KFC / Dr. Pepper affiliated products the entire time they are inside. It’s going to turn into “Supersize Me Part Deux”.
    I can imagine being in on the brainstorm meeting for this campaign……”what do kids like?” “Umm magic? David Blaine?” “Kids like music too”. “my daughter likes webcams”…THATS IT! PUT A BAND IN A BUBBLE AND HAVE LOTS OF WEBCAMS!

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