an open letter

Dear women ages 14 through 25,

Listen to yourselves speak. Does your intonation go up at the end of sentences? Do you speak as if the end of your sentences end with “—-?” Do you say like every third word and suddenly the person listening to you hears nothing else? Please take some much needed time to reevaluate your speech patterns. No matter how smart you are, or what you are trying to say, you sound like a fucking moron. When you are speaking in class, what you say will not matter because you sound like an idiot. You are also justifying stereotypes and preconceived notions about young women. Younger girls, you know no better, because maybe the cool kids at school speak this way, or your friends speak this way. Those of you in college, there is no excuse. Speak like a fucking adult.


4 thoughts on “an open letter

  1. oh. myh. gah. i have, like, no ideah, like what you are like talking abouh. you know?

    This is a problem we encountered in college. I believe is has gotten worse. And yes, people do speak like this in law school. Scary.

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