some videos I am watching while I wait for my laundry

British rugby players discussing which players are the best looking. Exactly.

A cat that plays piano duets. Squeeee!

Bruno talks about post and pre-terrorism fashion. Never gets old.

Ok, this one in NOT entertaining. It is the trailer for I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry. It stands for everything I loathe. It plays off of violence and disgust of gays for comedy. Hahaha, two straight guys have to pretend to be gay. Hahahaha, when they have to kiss at the wedding, one punches the crap out of each other. Hahahahahaha. Jessica Biel doesn’t mind getting naked right away because the guys are gay. Hahahahaha. Everyone will laugh because the macho guys are forced to act feminine. Hahahahahaha. Everyone knows homophobia and violence towards gays are the way to sell tickets. Just ask Snickers. Oh, and the kicker- of course they use Mika’s “Grace Kelly” in the trailer, most likely because it sounds jaunty and “gay” and he sings in falsetto. I actually can’t believe Mika would allow his song to be used in such a disgusting display. The hell.


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