I succumbed!

I’ve made purchases from American Apparel! You may have been lucky to accompany me at a time when I passed a store and went on my tirade- how they are just plain t-shirts but the marketing and the hipness factor has made them super expensive and super hispter-y. And how I could just buy the same thing at a thrift store. Well, there’s a little something called growing old. And that includes: enjoying elastic waist clothing. Okay, in the summer when it is really humid I can’t deal with buttons, zippers, and anything like that. Plus, I am sort of loosing weight, and buying sized clothing is a little bit of a gamble, although I don’t want to jinx anything. Something about pulling on a skirt, leggings, and t-shirt and being done with it is appealing. Since I no longer tie my shoes anymore either, it’s like I’m dressing like a two year old. But I am kee-razy about this skirt and these leggings. Although I am concerned about some of the porn-attire. And wtf is this? It’s like some marketing intern was asked to pose for some test shots and was scared to say no.

I know what you are thinking, but unfortunately, I did not have the guts (or the 37 bucks) to get these.


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