entertainment tonight

Phew! Patrick Wolf is not reeeaaaaally quitting. He was kind of being a baby. To celebrate, let’s peruse through 400+ pictures of him. I swear, it’s not my photobucket account.

I just heard that Peter Andre died. Not sure if it’s true or not.

Legally Blonde is out on Broadway. Gimme a fucking break. Ugh.

I also heard that Larry David will be guest starring on Hannah Montana. Not sure if it’s true or not.

Coming soon: Ewan McGregor’s face, moles and all, will appear on a postage stamp. God bless America.

Courtney Love plans on selling Kurt Cobain’s belongings. There was never a time more than now that I wished there was an afterlife. So Kurt can haunt Courtney and scare the shit out of her.

This is hopeful X-Men sequel news:

Batman Begins writer David S. Goyer is setting his sights on another superhero property – he is directing the spin-off movie to the X-Men trilogy, Magneto. The movie will focus on the young Magneto, the villain of the X-Men pictures played by Gods and Monsters star Ian McKellen, and how he became mortal enemies with character Professor X, played by Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Patrick Stewart in the trilogy. The main characters in the spin-off will be played by actors in their twenties instead of the original cast. Goyer has previously worked on superhero movies Batman Begins and the Blade trilogy.

Well, batman Begins was one of the best comic-book-to-film movies ever, so it’s promising. BUT they need to cast a hunky Jewish boy as young Magneto. My votes? Adam Brody, Zac Efron. Gaspard Ulliel can play Professor X. I seriously should work as a casting agent. I am sure it is an easy field to break in to.


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