Access Hollywood

Because I Said So + The Last Kiss + Keeping the Faith + Mrs. Doubtfire =


John Krasinski, you are terribly adorable, but make terrible character and film choices. This looks so horrible. So bad I may need to go see it and liveblog through the whole thing.

This is kind of pathetic…Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal are reprising their roles as Roger and Mark. Give it up! It was ten years ago! I think the characters are supposed to be 22, tops. Also, the show is about as relevant as video cassette rewinders. Anthony R. cannot let go…he recently wrote a book about being in the show and I saw him speak last year and he was still talking about it. Ugh. And it makes me mad that tourists are spending $100 to see that show. I knew a woman who had seen it 11 times and liked to brag about it. Yes, I hated her.

Yay! I have discovered what I will be doing this summer. Rome season 2 is out August 14. Extras season 2 is out July 10.  Heroes comes out sometime in August too.

celebcrushwatch: Eric Bana talks about wearing codpieces,  Cillian Murphy, DM! and again! Patty Wolf at the Virgin mega…back to red hair.


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