weekend reading

I know I spend a lot of time hating on a show I don’t even watch, but the Times made note of the ridiculousness of the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff.

Sex isn’t the problem with the new series; it’s the subjugation. Addison looks up her old friend from medical school whose perfect marriage has just ended and finds herself enmeshed with two other mature, reputable professionals: a fertility specialist and a psychotherapist. All three women are lovelorn, sex-starved and prone to public displays of disaffection.

Female empowerment my ass. In Captain Obvious news, the Geico Caveman pilot is dreaaaaadful.

Now comes the most mind numbing, stupendously stupid and astoundingly misguided part of this fiasco: The creators have tried to infuse social satire by making the show an allegory for prejudice. They draw astoundingly leaden parallels to every minority group in the world without a laugh in sight.

Seriously, leave the social commentary to Battlestar, or even to South Park.

I wasn’t prepared to see this on the news…some unknown sea creature thing. It is beyong disgusting and creepy. It’s like a living intestine. Pretty much the most heinous nightmarish creature I could ever encounter. Yeesh!

I am going to try to replace the image in my mind with the world’s smallest dog.


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