It means Saint Francisco

Wow, I’m on the West Coast. It’s a miracle.  Some observations:

  • SF’s Chinatown kicks all other Chinatown’s asses.
  • The hills are awesome. Everyone has great calves (well, not everyone).
  • Black people are not allowed in SF. They are only allowed in Oakland.
  • The whole city is quieter and a bit nicer. Everyone is oddly polite. I’m not used to it.
  • Alcatraz is a major selling point. In the touristy areas, prisoner-striped t-shirts are all the rage. Even baby onesies. I kind of have a problem with that.
  • Mountains are awesome. I’ve taken this for granted, I’ve never really been around mountains. (The Pocanos don’t count.) We drove to the top of the ridge and looked down at the city and I almost cried.
  • For some reason, I keep thinking of The Sweetest Thing.
  • There are a lot of punks in Berkeley, but they are not Hot Topic punks. They are all middle-aged and I saw some grays in their mohawks. Awesome.

5 thoughts on “It means Saint Francisco

  1. oooh, I’m so excited for you. The West Coast is the best coast. Have you met Tim yet? Or Matt? Or Dave? Auggggnnn. Lucky.

    P.S. I’m pretty sure it means horses’ vagina. I guess we’ll just agree to disagree.

  2. I’m glad you appreciate the mountains (hills really, for mountains see Cascade Range). When people talk about D.C being hilly I’m like, please, it’s flat as a pancake compared to West Coast cities.

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