cease and desist

So, I took down the Chromeo album because I got a pretty stern letter from the record label. Ok, fair enough. I understand that right now it is illegal, so I was at fault. But it just begins to infuriate me. The record labels are the ones that have their panties in a bunch. Sharing the album and spreading the word actually helps the artists, it gets the word out, especially for any band not on a major label. They don’t get a lot of their income from record sales. And not that laws should change because people are breaking them. For instance, the drinking age should not change simply because most people drink underage, nor should be marijuana laws be changed because people enjoy smoking pot. [There are reasons that these laws should be changed, but it has to do with other political/sociological needs, not just because many folks disregard it. That’s another post. Let me get back to my point.] However, the times are a-changing. Record labels are still grasping to the idea that they are going to sell physical albums. It’s not happening. It’s just not the medium that people are experiencing music through. They need to change the way they market and sell music. I don’t know what that new way of marketing music would look like. But it’s sad. When I was in San Francisco, I finally got to go to Amoeba Music. Five years ago, I would have been in heaven. I mean, just look at the place! But sadly, I didn’t spend much time there. I already owned practically every album they had featured.

There is certainly a downside to all this. Some bands barely have to work to gain a following. They can form, some buzz forms on the internet, and a few months later they can even have a video on MTV. There are so many examples- Robbers & Cowards, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Arcade Fire, Tapes N Tapes….no wonder CBGBs closed. There will never be a scene anymore. We will never see another Ramones, Operation Ivy, Nirvana, Social Distortion, Minor Threat…bands form too quickly and get recognition. It’s rather sad. Kids these days rarely get attached to one band and become a true fan and listen to the entire album on repeat constantly, because they can shuffle the 10,000 songs on their ipod.

Not that I am innocent of perpetuating any of this. Although I feel I was born 20 years too late and would have loved to experience the punk movement of the 70s, I am glad I experiences SOME sort of movement. I was around to truly appreciate the Norvana breakthrough, the grunge movement, and own some cassettes and spend hours reading the liner notes.

So, unfortunately, for the time being, I will not be sharing anymore albums on here. Too bad, the new Spoon album is to die for! I’ll still put up singles, and still reccomend stuff, and I hope you’ll be able to get your hands on it somehow.


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