adventures in FM radio

Well, there are some unfortunate times when I am driving that I have to listen to the radio. To my chagrin, they edited the hell out of Pink’s “U & UR Hand”. They beeped out the word “suck”. I can see if it was used as a verb, but it was used as” you suck”. What? The Pussycat Dolls are all over about looking at my hah hah, and Pink can’t even song an arguably empowering song about not being used as a sex object. Why am I surprised?

In embarassing news, I kind of really like Rihanna’s new single “Umbrella”. It’s good for the gym. Although, she thinks that umbrella has four syllables, which I was not aware of. Is she going to the liberry after this? And then going to eat pasketti?

Rihanna (feat. Jay-Z); “Umbrella”

Wait, I was liking it until I saw the redonculous video.First off, she looks like a real-life Bratz doll. Second of all, dancing and cool outfits are great, but this whole video is basically to show off how skinny she is, and not for the benefit of female empowerment.

I’m getting old.


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